Rap Artist

   Hugo Montrose aka Sxint Peter was born and raised in Harlem, New York City, Sxint Peter is one of the most enthralling artists of the digital age. Initially, the artist's brother, a DJ / producer, inspired him to further explore the subject, and as of today, he has created a unique vocal range reminiscent of classical and modern music facets.  

   The artist studied Musical Theory, venturing out his music career from the renowned Juilliard School Of Music in New York. His great evolving artistry is finely showcased through each of his musical projects released up to date. Moreover, Sxint's unquenchable interest in classical and R&B, Hip hop music finely exemplifies through his music with a fusion of rock, proving his vast versatility. "I am super passionate about doing what I love to do, which is music. I'm also passionate about creating timeless records that will someday make a big stamp in this world.” Sxint Peter denotes.    

   Anthony and the New King MMG organization set a profound base on the artist's career moulding him into a proficient solo artist. As of today, the artist has contributed to writing for some of the most remarkable artists such as G Eazy, Rotimi, Jaquae as well as for projects that have featured A Boogie, Dave East, Justine Valentine, and a few more artists. This attracted great value for Sxint Peter's evolving musical career, proving his ingenuity to a vast audience.   

    With his released and upcoming music, listeners will notice the sign of a timeless artist who would engrave his name in an unerasable way in listeners' hearts.

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