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Trudy the Producer is a native of Dothan, Alabama.

The multi-talented artist is breaking the mold by producing, recording and mixing his on music. Trudy was raised by a family of musicians so, it's no surprise that his music journey began at a young age. What started off as a hobby with his cousin, led into a soul searching man of art. "Every since then I fell in love with the music." Trudy stated. With a college degree from Full Saul University, Trudy has received training, internship opportunities and back ground knowledge in Production and Engineering.

Trudy is a well rounded or producer. He can not be placed in a box when it comes to genres. He has experience with Hip Hop, R&B, Rock and Pop music. With the music industry constantly evolving, Trudy is ready to allow music to keep him focused, and in a creative space. The producer has goals to produce more records, provide features, beats, and engineering with developing artists. Trudy quotes, "I want to keep the world on their toes, and hungry to hear the next song." With collaborations with multiple artists and producers, Trudy the Producer will continue to build his catalog and brand. When asked what is his mission in the music industry, Trudy the Producer quoted, I want to collaborate with developing and "top" artist, make billboard hits, and continue where some of the artist before me have left off, rather they passed away, locked up, or they're near retirement."

"I want to keep the world on their toes, and hungry to hear the next song."

- Trudy The Producer

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