Music Observer News Article

Music Observer News Article

New King Multimedia Group LLC featured in Music Observer. 

The music industry is highly competitive and saturated, making it one of the most challenging industries to enter. In fact, getting into the industry is just the first step. The actual challenge comes after, when amateur and professional music artists aim to have their works reach their intended audience and beyond.

Spotify has also shared in a blog post early this year that “many artists, producers, and songwriters get into the music business because of their passion for creating, but are often caught off-guard by the complex realities of the music industry.”

New King Multimedia Group allows aspiring and talented artists to let their names be known to the world by investing in their potential and improving their talents. They help build artist brands into profitable entities by specializing in artist development and career consultation.

New King Multimedia Group LLC is a sole entity in Western England, created to sign and develop musical acts, produce and promote independent films, and serve as a major multimedia outlet or hub for new musicians, models, and actors outside of NY and LA. It is an exclusive personal management company in music and entertainment.

Boosting Artist Development Using White-Glove Approach

New King Multimedia Group utilizes a white-glove approach to the artists it handles and the process these artists undergo. Also considered “the VIP experience,” the white-glove approach ensures all artists receive the best possible service tailored to their specific needs.

The company assures VIP treatment by investing in its talent and potential. It provides its artists with hands-on consultation to know the best approach to making themselves known in the industry.

Anthony King, CEO of New King Multimedia Group, shares, “Here at New King Multimedia Group, you are guaranteed a genuine, passionate review and consultation of your musical talents. You put in the hard work, and we will invest in your dreams by taking you higher and farther than any other. Music is not only our passion. It’s our priority.”

Artists can also expect top-tier service. They will receive the best career advice from some of the more prominent names in the music industry, as well as the company’s elite team members, composed of some of the most talented music managers and former executives in music. Under New King Multimedia Group’s management, artists will receive proper consultation and full development to improve their works and pitch. Artists with great potential will be well cared for so they can dream big, build their confidence, and feel valued and worth investing in.

In addition to its music consulting services, the company provides special arrangements to artists who submit top-notch music. New King Multimedia Group’s music curators can instantly review these works, and at an additional cost, the team can already pitch these demos to the artist’s major music label of choice. The pitch will also include a professionally made electronic press kit along with their submitted demo tracks.

All these services are available for aspiring and talented artists to step up their game and earn the forefront spot in the competitive world of the music industry.

The Search For The Next Artist Who Will Make Their Mark

New King Multimedia Group currently manages three acts – Trudytheproducer, Kevin Randolph, and Sxint Peter. The talent management company proudly shares that Trudytheproducer was recently featured on Loud Magazine and Music Week for his single Welcome to the world, reaching 600k streams in less than 3 months from just having 19 streams on his own.

King emphasizes, “Dream Big. Work Hard. Stay focused and allow the good people of New King Multimedia Group to help support your career.”

In their continuous search for the best talents available, New King Multimedia Group is currently looking for talented and aspiring music artists who need the proper guidance to make it in the industry. The talent management company is eyeing musicians, singers, rappers, music producers, and songwriters, aged 18-40, from anywhere in the United States.

Interested applicants can submit their music, videos, and photos for assessment and evaluation. All applicants will be contacted within 14 days with a demo commentary, and the final decision will be posted on Jan 20. 2023.

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