Trudytheproducer Tackles Mental Health With New Southern Hip Hop Track “Welcome To The World”

Trudytheproducer Tackles Mental Health With New Southern Hip Hop Track “Welcome To The World”

Posted on October 20, 2022.

The new music video from Trudytheproducer opens with some sobering facts about the number of people in America who struggle with mental illness.

“Welcome to the world,” he says as the music kicks in. That first line is also the title of the song, which Trudytheproducer uses as a vehicle to examine loyalty, trust and deception among friends and family while also illustrating his own struggle with mental health.

At one point in the video Trudytheproducer even sits on a couch in a therapist’s office – but he’s just talking to himself. And that’s a point he wants to make: talking to yourself can be therapeutic to mental health.

“It’s about a lot of things I experienced in life when people were being disloyal to me, turning their back on me,” he says. “I’m to the point now where I’m saying I’m tired of it and I’m putting recognition on other people who may be going through the same things, checking in with their mental health. That’s the gist of it, just saying, ‘Welcome to the World’ and you’ve got to be careful with who you trust.”

Trudytheproducer has often found himself serving as someone else’s emotional outlet. But when you take on that responsibility it can be overwhelmin, he says, and he hasn’t always had somebody else for him to turn to.

“I don’t really talk to too many people,” he says with the song. “I can’t trust too many people.”

But, in addition to vouching for the benefits of talking to yourself for mental health, Trudytheproducer wants to encourage others who may be reluctant to feel comfortable enough to see a therapist and get outside help.

Musically, “Welcome to the World” is southern hip hop and continues a trend of making music with some substance from the native of Dothan, Alabama. Trudytheproducer was raised by a family of musicians and has experience with R&B, rock and pop music in addition to hip hop.

He used to sit in a car with his cousin and freestyle over beats, and he released his first song with family members at age 18, which was a hit in his hometown. But once things got to the point where Trudytheproducer couldn’t explain all the ideas in his head to an outside engineer or producer, he took it upon himself to go to school and learn the skills himself.

Trudytheproducer came to New York City to build his brand and gain respect within the music industry. He connected with Anthony Brown, the founder and managing partner in New King Multimedia Group. Brown has managed multi-platinum record producer Damon Blackman, platinum producer Remo The Hitmaker and Kevin Randolph, who produced French Montana’s “Throw It In The Bag.”

The New King team includes Maurice Rowtham and Rayna Findley. The three met organically and created something special together, and they’re determined to showcase the artist development management company. Since working with Trudytheproducer, “Welcome to the World” already has about half a million streams between Soundcloud and Spotify.

“He has good music, he has strong production and his next single is going to bring everybody to see why I selected this kid,” Brown says. “People will see he’s different and he’s unafraid to work. He comes up with so many ideas and he hears music in his head and just has to go to the studio and lay it all out. A lot of people are going to be following him after his next single, and he’s already growing quite a following in a short period of time.”

That next single is called “Nightmare on Halloween” and is set for release on Oct. 31.

“It’s a fun song,” Brown says. “It’s him from Alabama and an artist from Harlem, New York City and it’s real clever. Nice beat – a real nice beat – and it’s all produced by him.”

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