Music Submissions - Rap/Hip Hop

Music Submissions - Rap/Hip Hop

Submit your demo tracks from the Rap/ Hip Hop genre. This allows more versatility in displaying your talent. Each track must be a one-minute long snippet of music. All music must be copy-written prior to your submission. The run time of snippet should at least run up until the second verse.

Your submission will be reviewed within 14 business days by our curators and music industry professionals. Once your music is reviewed, you will be contacted by email with feedback on your music and if your talent is a good fit for New King Multimedia Group we will contact you within said time.

For those artist that select the Three Demo Track option, you will also have the opportunity to not only have New King talent scout managers review your submitted demo to insure quality, but may also be contacted with the opportunity (at an additional cost) to shop your music. You will have the option to have an electronic press kit created in addition to your submitted demo tracks and we will personally pitch your music to a major music label or labels of your choice.

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